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Purchasing – Apply as a supplier

Become a supplier to one of the leading manufacturers of X-ray inspection and CT systems for the non-destructive testing of materials.

YXLON International is an innovative high-tech company with years of experience in the manufacturing & production of X-ray inspection and CT systems for the non-destructive testing of materials. In alignment with our paramount vision – Safety & quality for a carefree life – we design, develop and deliver products and services for industrial customers worldwide in order to ensure and improve the quality and efficiency of their products and processes.

While doing so, the market success of our products is closely meshed with their quality. These factors stand in direct correlation to our efforts to meet the constantly rising demands our customers place on quality assurance.
Suppliers have a significant influence on the quality of our products. As a result, during selection and the ensuing cooperation we give preference to suppliers, vendors and partners who sustainably support us in increasing our performance and flexibility while making an active contribution toward lowering both costs and risks. We make it a prerequisite to deal responsibly with people and the environment, and to comply with statutory guidelines and regulations.

Would you like to apply to be our supplier?

Then please fill out our questionnaire with information about yourself completely and send it to us per e-mail at


Please note that the information provided by suppliers about themselves represents an essential prerequisite for our internal supplier approval process. As a result, information forms which have not been filled out completely cannot be taken into consideration. If you do not want to enter any details in a certain category or are unable to do so, we request that sufficient designation of this is made.


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