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Experience Ultimate Yield Improvement

YXLON International and MIRTEC are offering the ultimate yield improvement tool, called SmartLoop, which removes the barriers to real process management in the electronic manufacturing industry.

YXLON SmartLoop
  • A new approach to process management
  • Real-time communication and reporting of Failures and Trends
  • Informed decisions and instant responses from anywhere in the network
  • Continuous process improvement made easy by real-time data integration
By linking the MIRTEC in-line 3D AOI system with the YXLON microfocus X-ray systems starting with the FeinFocus product line and combining them with a powerful management information system, suspect parts which cannot be fully checked in-line, like BGA, QFN etc., are automatically inspected with industry leading technology including Inclined CT for checking the hidden joint interfaces.

All results, data and images are displayed on a single screen, including SPI data. This allows accurate decisions to be made based on complete detail, plus by tracking trends the technician can modify acceptance limits on the 3D AOI and SPI to improve the accuracy of the inspections.

All data is stored in one place giving complete traceability and allowing trends to be monitored and reports produced. The result is ultimate yield improvement, as the number of false fails and escapes can be dramatically reduced.

By combining the strengths of the market leading in-line 3D AOI inspection system with the speed and accuracy of the at-line X-ray system, which allows to see hidden joint interfaces on Bottom Terminated Components like BGA’s, CSP’s, QFN’s, etc., the manufacturing process is continuously and automatically improved.


SmartLoop Flyer

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