YXLON Pipe Kits

X-ray Solutions for Pipe Inspection

YXLON Pipe Kits are equipped with high-quality X-ray components serving the entire image chain and thereby assuring a broad flexibility and quality assurance when inspecting pipes, welds, and ends of pipe segments.
  • Real-time performance – perfect for 100% weld inspection
  • Exceptional flexibility for inspection of various pipe dimensions
  • Digital detectors – ideal as replacement for film when inspecting pipe ends

System Capabilities

To achieve quality assurance during pipe production, entire welds and ends of pipe segments are frequently inspected.

For a smooth production workflow, the throughput, in other words the meters of welds that can be inspected per minute, plays a role in pipe inspection that is equally as important as high image quality.

Pipe Kits inspection systems consist of X-ray tube, high-voltage generator, high-quality flat-panel detector, high-speed imaging software, PC and display for the widest variety of pipe dimensions. The use of flat-panel detectors allow the compliance with film standards. 
IMAGE x500
IMAGE x500 imaging software is used for image evaluation. Its proven ease-of-use design is the result of a wide range of processing tools including filters, gray value scaling, annotations, and HDR live image filter, which make image processing and evaluation very convenient. 

PXV5000 system control offers you a choice of manual or programmed inspection modes. In the programmed mode the system runs without operator interaction. Just load the system and press start. Gain and offset calibrations can be easily integrated into the inspection programs for optimal workflow and reliable results.

VR-PC 2.0 Real-Time
VR-PC 2.0 Real-Time video-recording PC is the optimum solution for saving X-ray images in motion stemming from digital image sources while retaining the original resolution and displaying perfect quality. Performance is not impaired because the solution utilizes the monitor output outlet on the imaging PC.

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