YXLON Imaging Kits

Digital Radiography Detector Kits for Radiation-Shielded X-ray Rooms

YXLON Imaging Kits consist of high-quality flat-panel detectors, high-speed imaging software, a PC and display, and all necessary connections and cables for easy integration into your non-destructive parts testing X-ray rooms.
  • High-quality kits with imaging software and flat-panel detectors
  • Variety of detectors in different qualities and sizes 
  • Proven software tools for film replacement, ASTM reference images and more
  • Optional video recording tool to save X-ray images in motion
  • Fast and easy integration into radiation-shielded X-ray rooms
  • Complemented by YXLON MG stationary X-ray modules 

Software Capabilities

YXLON X-ray Imaging Kits consist of high-quality flat-panel detectors in different qualities and sizes, high-speed imaging software YXLON IMAGE x500, a PC and display and all necessary connections and cables. 

Imaging Kits offer you full flexibility for your inspection tasks and can be easily integrated into radiation-shielded X-ray rooms for non-destructive parts testing in areas such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, pipe inspection as well as museums. You may choose from different detector sizes and pixel qualities, based on your need to fulfill inspection requirements in your specific industry.

Each kit comes with our industry-proven YXLON IMAGE x500 imaging software. Image evaluation is greatly enhanced with ease-of-use design and is the result of a wide range of processing tools including filters, gray value scaling, annotations, and YXLON HDR live image filter, which make image processing very convenient. 

The very best image quality is achieved with automatic digital detector calibration and intelligent correction of noisy and/or non-linear pixels. The imaging kits also support:

  • ASTM digital reference images
  • Integrated and automated performance test for ASTM E2737 system qualification 
  • DICONDE file format 

As an option, our wide range of stationary X-ray modules, which offer power sources ranging from high resolution to intense penetration, can complement your YXLON Imaging Kits. In addition, an optional video recording PC for recording X-ray images in real-time (while maintaining original resolution), allows you to archive your inspection results. Image data can be compressed in real-time to significantly reduce the amount storage space required.

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